Keeping Authors Out of the Loony Bin Since 2009

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Mel Jolly – Manager

Mel Jolly, Project Manager and Assistant for multiple NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors, has been “Keeping Authors Out of the Loony Bin Since 2009.” Mel started out as a Library Assistant in Young Adult Services where she specialized in outreach to at risk teens at juvenile detention centers and group homes. Mel has always had a true passion for connecting readers (and non-readers) to books and now enjoys channeling that energy into teaching all authors the tips and tricks she’s learned about how to thrive in the publishing industry through workshops and her weekly newsletter. Mel also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance, which means she’s not afraid of a challenge, a crowd, or a little drama! If you want weekly tips and tricks on how to get organized and reach more readers, sign up for Mel’s newsletter.