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Are you looking to hire an assistant?

I'm not currently accepting inquiries for new full-time clients. However, I have some other options that might interest you.

1. You can sign up for my free weekly newsletter. I give away lots of tips, worksheets, and advice. Plus, I keep it short and to the point.

2. You can check out this list of freelancers for authors. I can't endorse anyone, but if you're looking to hire someone, this will at least give you a place to start your research.

3. You can book a consultation with me.

Book a Consultation

Note: I only book a set number of consultations per month based on my availability.

Currently in my 10th year of being a Project Manager, Consultant, and Assistant for authors, I love helping authors succeed! When I consult, my objective is to provide answers to your questions, dig into what’s hindering you from reaching your goals, and provide guidance on where you can go from here, all with a focus on keeping things realistic, manageable, and pain free! When we’re done, you’ll have an action plan for the next steps you can take to get closer to your ideal career and life.

Things We Can Talk About


  • Traditional, Hybrid, Self-Publishing Options
  • Expanding Your Reach
  • Big Picture Planning


  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • Expanding Your Readership
  • Book Launches


  • Finding Balance
  • Getting Organized
  • Making Brain Space for Creativity

Topics I Don’t Offer Consultation Regarding

  • The creative elements of your books (plot, editing, conflict, characters, etc.)
  • Finding an Agent or Publisher
  • Legal or Tax Specific Topics (ask if you're not sure)


I charge $150 for 30 minutes or $200 for 1 hour.
Once we set our appointment, I’ll bill you via PayPal. Payment must be received in advance.

How it Works

At least 1 week in advance, I'll ask you to fill out a form telling me about yourself, your career, and what you hope to accomplish with our consult. We’ll schedule a time for our call. I’ll do some research based on the information you provided to me and prep notes for our talk.

What You Will Receive

We’ll talk for the appointed amount of time. You’ll have pages of notes and I’ll have a document for you with my research and suggested plan of attack.

You will not need multiple sessions unless you simply choose to book more. You’ll walk away with an action plan and strategies to take you closer to achieving your dreams!

Sometimes we all need an outside perspective to help us get where we want to go. I can’t take on every author as a client but you can still get the benefits of my almost a decade of experience in publishing.

Interested? Have Questions?

Send me an email to book your appointment!

Mel Jolly and Bailey

"Mel's advice is spot on. I've written my first newsletter which is a direct consequence of her contagious enthusiasm. It is refreshing to encounter an industry expert of such talent and professionalism like Melissa Jolly. She is a true gem and genuinely cares about authors and their genres.”

- Hélene Fermont

"Success! Can’t wait to implement all of Mel’s fabulous ideas for my author newsletter. Mel’s hour-long consultation was jam-packed with insight, advice, and lots of useful tips. Not to mention, she’s just a pleasure to work with... If you haven’t booked a session with Mel - do it. You’ll be glad you did.”

- Gail Ingis