Services for Authors

Keeping Authors Out of the Loony Bin Since 2009


  • Facebook Headers
  • Twitter Backgrounds and Headers
  • Bookmarks
  • Newsletter Templates and sign up forms

To see examples from Author Rx’s design portfolio, please go to the Portfolio page.

Craft Support

  • Plotting Assistance
    • Sometimes you need someone to talk it through with you, take notes and ask questions!
    • Compile character and world building information to keep you organized for series work
  • Beta Reading
  • Research facts regarding locations, historical settings, etc.

Ghost Writing

  • Blog Posts
  • Interviews (Client to provide copies of previous interviews)

Speaking Engagement Coordination

  • Communicate with organizations regarding your fees and availability
  • Keep a calendar and spreadsheet detailing your commitments, pertinent details, contact information, cost, and contract status
  • Create detailed itineraries for easy reference

In my experience, this can be a very time-consuming task due to all the back and forth with dates and questions. Delegating this task alone can save you hours!

Contests/Book Releases

  • Maintain and promote your giveaway or contest while it is “live”
  • Sort through entries and choose winners
  • Continually utilize all available Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to promote book release and contest
  • Brainstorming ideas


  • Account set up
  • Fan database maintenance
  • Ghostwrite
  • Place content/schedule sends

Promotional Mailing

  • Research donation opportunities for your bookmarks, posters, and chapter booklets
  • Label, package and write cover letters for promotional items
  • Go to the Post Office (so you don’t have to!)


  • Sort and organize your email to prioritize your responses
  • Answer general questions
    • Respond to questions regarding release dates, book tours, and future book plans
    • Direct bloggers to the correct individuals for ARC requests
  • Manage all aspects of fan mail

Maintain Social Networking Sites

  • Facebook (personal and fan pages)
  • Twitter
  • Myspace
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Discussion Groups

  • Moderate discussions
  • Continually scan for spammers
  • Validate members
  • Lead book club discussions